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Actions you can take

(Ordered from most effective to less effective)

  1. Testify in person at the Assembly meetings. The Ordinance will be presented to the Assembly on 22 August (was 8 Aug), when your comments would be “Citizen Comments on items not on the agenda.” You may then comment directly on the Ordinance on 12 September (was 22nd August). You will have three minutes to speak.
  2. Contact the Assembly and the mayor to let them know that this is important to you. You can email them at, or meet with them in person.
  3. Make comments on the Borough’s proposed land sale of the Brock Road Lots (aka. Florence and Blalock) using the comments form on their website, or via email, or by sending a letter to Division of Land Management, Fairbanks North Star Borough, 907 Terminal St., Fairbanks, Alaska 99707, or by a personal visit. Comments to Land Management will be compiled and presented to the Assembly.
  4. Share this issue via social media. Please use the hashtag #PeedeTrails4All.

After the sale

  • If the land is not offered for sale, please nominate this Borough land for “retention for public purpose”. The land we are concerned with here is “FNSB parcels in Sections 16, 21, 28 of Township 1 South, Range 2 East, Fairbanks Meridian” (see map).

In all interactions with Borough, please be friendly and respectful!